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Why Our Tents Are The Best


Because Tilton is island born and bred, we know the wind, the weather, the lay of the land, and we’ve studied tents on the island for over thirty years.

Because we took this know-how to one of the world’s leading tent makers to create our own exclusive “Pinnacle Peak” tents. They stand up to high wind when others blow down. They are strong, truly waterproof, and fit trim and taut over powerful frames.


 Because they are framed instead of supported by center poles, they are easily butted together to create varying shapes and sizes of inner unobstructed space. Add a billowy tent liner, chandeliers, side draperies, flooring – is this a tent or a luxury ballroom?

The Tidewater Tent is the result of a second collaboration with a major tent company in response to customers' requests for a sailcloth tent. Here is the Tidewater top by day...

And how it looks magical from within at night...

Truly the Essence of Island

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